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Building Serverless Applications with Google Cloud Run (December 2020)

I wrote the O’Reilly book about Google Cloud Run. Google Cloud Run lets you deploy your containerized application on a highly scalable serverless platform.

Cloud Run book cover

About the book

If you have experience building web applications on traditional infrastructure, this hands-on guide shows you how to get started with Cloud Run, a container-based serverless product on Google Cloud. Through the course of this book, you’ll learn how to deploy several example applications that highlight different parts of the serverless stack on Google Cloud. Combining practical examples with fundamentals, this book will appeal to developers who are early in their learning journey as well as experienced practitioners.

Who this book is for

If you build, maintain or deploy web applications, this book is for you. You might go by the title of a software engineer, a developer, system administrator, solution architect, or a cloud engineer. I carefully balance hands-on demonstrations with deep dives into the fundamentals so that you’ll get value out of it whether you’re an aspiring, junior, or experienced developer.

I tried to stay as programming language agnostic as possible and I use Go for the code listings, because it is easy to read if you haven’t worked with it before.